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TaSunka Wotagla Super Service Dog

TaSunka's Trail

Hi. My name is TaSunka Wotagla.

( Ta-Shun-ka     Wo-ta-gla )

But you can call me TaSunka for short.

Contrary to the Ooo's and ahh's I get in public, I'm not just another hansom face. Nope! Not me.

Pull up a dog bed and I'll tell you the tail.

I was born as a reject into the often vain and fickle scrutiny of the designer dog world. As an asymmetrical Bordernese (Bernese mountain dog & Border-coley mix)   I soon found myself homeless and being bounced from rescue to rescue like a lame circus elephant who can no longer dance in the ballet.

Now... I'm not sure exactly what a circus... or an elephant is nor why they are so driven to dance for that matter... but...

I think you get my point.


Although each foster home was a loving environments it was clear upon my arrival at each that none of them was to be mine for more than a little while.

And the other dogs in those foster homes...

Dog! ...No fun!

And even less seance of humor.

But I never would have dreamed

that nearly 2 years of being bounced around from rescue to rescue could have lead me to this...

My Very Own Website and YouTube Series about a Bernese/Border-collie turned Service Dog and Hiking Guide... who spends his time leading this wobbly guy threw the woods.

We go on adventures... we wear things on our backs... we pee in the woods...  and generally save the day every time.

Every day. 

And as I'm an expert now I can tell. Because I usually take a long nap after such activity's. And I've been doin that a lot lately.

Now I know what you're thinking.

"I thought the show was about the wobbly guy..."

Naa. It's about me.

Yup... defiantly about me.

In addition, along with my new found wilderness expertise I find myself very adaptive to the silk and snobbery of the service dog world as well.

Yes... I am a dog that in the morning can be seen sniffing coyote poop... barking at bears and fighting off packs of buffalo... and by evening seen dining out - top hat in paw with the wobbly man and his mistress out on the town.

I am just that versatile.

I know the wobbly guy likes me to point out all this boring stuff I do for him in the show, like help him up when he falls. Or get this... sometimes I'll pick stuff up for him and then he treats me like I just won the Iditarod as a solo contestant.  HA!

He loves me though.

But the show is not about him.

Its about me.

After all... what did you think that "D" in TDH stood for?

The DOG Hiker of course.

Yeah... I like the sound of that.

See you at the Oscars folks.

TaSunka  signing off.

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