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About The Disabled Hiker

While our long term goal is to establish a 501(c)3 nonprofit that will focus on both providing children and adults living with chronic conditions and/or illnesses to access the wilderness for hiking, backpacking, camping, and cabin living experiences, our eventual goal is to also include the training and distribute hiking/service dogs to those in need yet who would not have otherwise been able to afforded this valuable and life altering companion.


With over 30 years backpacking experience… 22 of those as an adaptive/disabled backpacker, I have made it my mission to pass on my knowledge to all in need through my skills as a film makers and advocate for those living with chronic conditions &illnesses who are striving to continue accessing the great outdoors.

The woods belong to all of us.

Terry Craig

“At one point in time or another almost everything was thought to be Impossible.

That is, until someone looks past that disability."

Terrry Craig

My name is Terry Craig, a.k.a. The Disabled Hiker.

I am a blogger, product reviewer, and guerrilla filmmaker living with disability who has spent nearly two decades teaching myself, and now others living with disability, how to continue enjoying the wilderness through innovation, adaptation and a sense of understanding the wilderness.

Our audience includes not only those living with long term disabilities but those recovering from injury and those in support of the disabled and physically challenged as well.

Addressing the challenges many of us face in life, the Disabled Hiker's short term goal is to both inspire and promote the outdoors as a place of healing through instructional videos, adaptive hiking equipment reviews, DIY projects, and more.


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