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The Disabled Hiker is  primarily an informational resource directed towards helping those living with physical challenges to access nature through hiking, backpacking and camping while also accessing the benefits to mind and body that nature provides.


On a lighter side The Disabled Hiker is also the name I've taken for myself as a way of pointing out the contradictions and conflict that seem to surround our lives as patients and patient advocates and that continually tell us "we can't" when in fact...

we can not be stopped when properly motivated.  


While true that some see the word "disabled" as a label of negativity, I see the word as defining a social demographic... and therefore a social construct that deserves not only recognition, but the chance to confront all skeptics with the words,   Just Watch me!

The TDH Concept of... Disabled-ABLE

      What if the very thing that seems to hold you back, was the very thing that gave you the insight to see past the obstacles that seemed to stop you? And more so... what if your particular set of circumstances gave you a unique insight that no one else could pick up on?

That is... until it's pointed out to them.

     Disabled-ABLE is just that, our ability to use our disadvantages as an advantage. As a way to open up and share our creativity and innovative thought processes that are unique to our perspective... to our situation... and therefore beneficial to others and to the needs of our community.

     The Disabled Hiker is dedicated to the concept of Disabled-ABLE and our main mission of bringing you information on equipment, hiking & camping techniques, useful plant life, wilderness safety tips, gear reviews, first-time advice... and a whole lot more. All directed towards the adaptive backpacker/outdoor enthusiast.

Projects that are



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T.D.H. EPISODE 6  part 1 (other parts to follow)

Have you ever walked down the trail and saw a footprint in the mud on a wet trail and wondered what kind of wildlife left it behind? Or perhaps you just wanted to know what kind of wildlife is around your camp… yet lacked the skills to read the signs left all around you? ...

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Does your company make

Disabled Hiker Friendly Equipment?


Gear Reviews for the adaptive hiker/backpacker

  • Product reviews that are honest, sincere and insightful.

  • Reviews that strive to take medical and physical needs into account.

  • Product reviews that include ideas and D.I.Y. modifications, making things easier for us to use.
  • A 5 star rating system that also notes the possible benefits as well as the possible medical/physical concerns.

Does your company make a backpacking or camping product you feel might be helpful to those living with extra challenges to enjoy nature in all its splendor?

If so... we would love to review your product for

our community and present your adaptive friendly equipment to an audience you might not know you had.

An audience that is growing... and going...

and doing so regardless of the available gear.

But I know for a fact Disabled Friendly Hiker Gear does exists.


Because I seek out that gear all the time and review it for you. So I am living proof that it exists.

But, it's a slow process looking for just the right gear.

So perhaps... you will find us. 

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