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TaSunka Wotagla's

Restaurant & Service Dog

Access Reviews

YES! I'm rocking the boat.

As a service dog, laying under a restaurant table can be a big PAIN!

Everything from strange metal bars and poles we are forced to lay on or contort our body's around... cramped spaces... being used as a foot rest... FEET poking us in the side and SHOES are literally ALL we can see for as far as the eye can see.

And I don't even like shoes as chew toys!

As you know, "IN" or under the table is where we are taught to lay while our people-buddies eat their food.

But this does not mean we have to take this discomfort laying down!

Well... maybe it does but... if you are NOT going to drop a few scraps of food once in a while as hazard PAY,

WE DESERVE TO BE HERD! ... heard... herd... heard?


And so begins the process of creating a comprehensive guide for the Service Dog with bruised and battered elbows... The Service Dog who's ears have been drug threw the sauce and saute. The Service Dogs with stepped on tails and who have seen more old pieces of chewing gum than one should ever see in one lifetime! 

Ladies and gentle-dogs...

I give you

TaSunka Wotagla's

Restaurant & Service Dog

Access Reviews

Williams Family Restaurant: 3630 William Penn Highway, Easton, Pa.
5 Paws Up Rating

With clean floors and an ultra friendly service staff, I was impressed as they led us to our requested booth. Although I inspired the shock and awe to the customers I usually generate for my size, the patrons quickly realized I wasn't there to steal their pork-chops and sirloins and chicken and Turkey, and Hambergers and  ROAST BEEF AND GRAVY AND MASHED POTATOES AND!!!!... Oh. Sorry. They saw I wasn't a threat to their meal and continued eating.


As I approached our booth I was elated to find the table actually attached to the wall instead of being suspended by one of the other torturous methods I've seen used over my career. 

It was a joy to hear the Wobbly man give the command "In"... as I entered this virtual Shanghai-La of under the table spaces.

Upon entering my little cavern of comfort I noticed not only how clean it was but that I was able to quickly enter and easily turn around so I could see out at all the action... and the Roast Beef too. 

The floors were so immaculately polished that when my feet stuck out too far from under the table, Mrs. Wobbly man was able to grab me by my service vest and sliiiiiide my 85 lbs butt right back under the table again like giant dust mop.

(Don't tell any one... but that part was kinda fun. So I did it twice.)

The waitress we had that night was wonderful and took great care not to step on my toes or tail. And although she told us to remember her name for next time.... sadly I can not. I am a dog, and I can't even remember the Wobbly mans name and I live with him!

So sorry mam... I remember smells not names. And all I can remember smelling that night is the Roast Beef! Mmmmmmm. Roast Beef!

And I don't think that was her name.

As usual, at the conclusion of my companions meal the Mrs. was supplied with something known as a "Doggy Bag". A strange little custom I've come to enjoy by the local folk, where they fill a bag with some of what the Wobbly man and his wife were eating and send it home for me and my Sister-Dog to eat later.

As always... when the Wobbly man say's those magic words "Help" everyone was so impressed with how we are always there for each other. But we in kind were so impressed with how respectful and understanding everyone at Williams's was to the needs of my wobbly friend... and me.

Thank you Williams Family Restaurant. We'll surely be back for seconds.

Rating: 5 Paws UP

Review by TaSunka Wotagla   Service Dog at Large.

©2018 (May)

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