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My Original Music

"Going Blind" was written as part of my second rock opera. Although it remains unfinished til this day I've always been in love with the message the songs held.

Going Blind

"Point Of View" was written to honor my first hiking dog, Shiyo Shunka or Bird Dog.

Shiyo will always be remembered as my first best friend.

Point Of View

Yuns'ka Unpo is a Lakota phrase that translates as a simple request to...

Be Free.

Written from the view point of a prophetic dreamer, the vision that follows is one of change, love, peace

and hope.

"Words On Deaf Ears" is one of many Eco-activist songs I've written aimed at the wake-up call many feel may already be too late.

"Sunday Morning Blue"

is about the last time I had the chance to see a childhood friend who suffered from epilepsy before she passed.

Why was written about the moment I realized I had become physically impaired and may never fully recover. Not like acceptance really, but more like anger at all the time I wasted in doctors' offices, or feeling sorry for my self,

Frack-ATTACK by T.Craig
What Do You Want by T.Craig
Yes... I do the occasional cover song as well.

Like what you hear?

It's time to get out the old axe,

polish up the act

and get back on the road again.


And with any luck... you'll be seeing an advertisement in this spot in the weeks to come saying something like...

Would you like me to come play for you?


I've been a song writer and performer off and on for over 30 years and it's a tough thing to give up for any length of time. So I've decided to get ready for one more go at it.

In the meantime... if you would like to hurry things along by giving me something to hurry for...

like maybe A GIG!!!

hit this here contact button and let's get-er-goin.

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