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Igmu Tanka Productions




Directors:  Terry Craig & Larry Deitch

Narration:  Dave Deubler

Genre:  Documentary


A Mile in Our Shoes takes the viewer on a three day journey with three adaptive backpackers who all deal with different conditions and what many would call "Disabilities". But these adaptive backpackers bring a whole new perspective to the word "disabled", as well as backpacking itself while viewing nature as an enjoyable form of therapy.
Filmed in the beautiful Delaware National Forest, the film offers insights into life with chronic conditions or illness, backpacking with mobility issues, deaf culture, and the need to maintain a quality of life beyond diagnosis.

Filmed with the help of various nonprofits and gifts provided by local businesses and individuals alike... this film may indeed be a first of its kind on multiple levels.

Eps 5.  LOST IN THE WOODS   parts 1 thu 8

Director:  Terry Craig

Screenwriter:  Larry Deitch

Genre: Survival

Published: Dec 23, 2016  thru  March 2017

Episode five of The Disabled Hiker takes a step outside Terry's normal comfort zone in order to touch upon the survival skills that all new backpackers should learn. By starting a new feature series entitled, "Lost in the Woods" Terry's aim as always is to inspire and empower the viewer to step outside the common thought processes.

Lost in the Woods takes you on a fictional "lost in the wilderness" experience slowing down the action and enabling Terry to discuss the inner workings of his survival kit ... the do's and don'ts ... and the skills he's acquired over his years in the woods.

By not presenting himself as an expert on survival in this series, he promotes the truth that you can never know enough, acquire enough skills or knowledge to prepare for every situation and scenario. And therefore the only way to "master survival" ... is to completely engulf yourself in the truth that the notion of an "expert survivalist" ... is something you scribble on a headstone.                             LOST IN THE WOODS  parts 1 thru 8 on YouTube 


Director:  Terry Craig

Genre:  Family

Published: Jan 24, 2016

As the first Disabled Hiker movie, Feeling Earth shows that the wilderness experience is as much for the physically challenged as it is for anyone. Feeling Earth is a demonstration of the ingenuity that accompanies the moment to moment plight of the adaptive backpacker. While creatively touching on equipment reviews and safety tips, Feeling Earth stands as testament that we are all capable of far more than we are given credit for as individuals. And regardless of our personal handicaps, the wilderness has a place for all of us.


Director:  Terry Craig

Genre:  Family

Published: Mar 13, 2015

"After more than a year off the trail, it's great to be back on the trail again" said self proclaimed disabled hiker Terry Craig. "Together with my new hiking buddy TaSunka, I am determined to make up for some lost time."

Hiking and filmed in the Lehigh Gap of Pa, along the Lehigh River, "Life Is Change" features Terry's new hiking and service dog in training along with some new gear reviews, new ideas on hiking equipment and even testing out some DIY projects while delivering his views and techniques on adaptive hiking and camping for those living with disabilities who are striving to get into the wilderness.

Eps 2. The Mother Of All Invention
Eps 2.  The Mother Of All Invention    part 1 thru 8

Director:  Terry Craig

Genre:  Reality

Published: Mar 16, 2014

* Filming the second episode became increasingly difficult as the colder months closed in on me. I had dealt with several health issues over the preceding summer months that seemed determined to put me out of action until the following year. However with a little extra cold weather gear I was able to pull it off.
In hindsight I would say I had everything I needed except for one thing. Something I left behind in order to save a little weight in my pack. But that item will become apparent in part -8 of eps-2.
For now just sit back and enjoy part 1 - 10 with the same assumptions I had at the time..... i.e.; I had everything I needed with me.

Eps 1.  STARTING OVER    parts 1 thru 7

Director:  Terry Craig

Genre:  Family

Originally Published: Feb 20, 2012 

Playlist Published: Feb 14, 2014

In this first installment of The Disabled Hiker, we meet up with long-time backpacker and lifelong outdoor enthusiast Terry Craig and his hiking dog Siyo (She-yo). Setting out to show how he has been able to continue backpacking despite a chronic illness and his physical challenges, The Disabled Hiker brings a fresh perspective to the Hike Your Own Hike mentality.

"I've always loved the Mother Earth as I've hiked and camped out all my life in one form or another. Now that I'm disabled I am dedicated and determine to continue hiking despite my physical limitations. Life is change and it's our destiny to change with it. To grow and adapt to every challenge put before us on the Red Road, Don't give up on the things you love. Adapt, Change, Evolve beyond what you think you cannot do and you will grow beyond what you ever thought possible."

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